Changes to the Port-Hotel management board

Following the Supervisory Board’s decision, as of 20 April 2015, Port-Hotel will be managed by a single-person management board. Pursuant to the Supervisory Board’s resolution, President of the Management Board Adam Strażecki, in addition to his own duties, will also take over the duties of Andrzej Saja, the current Management Board Member and Director on Operations. We would like to thank Andrzej for his many years of work and involvement in running the company and the hotels.

President Adam Strażecki holds a university degree in law and economics. He has many years of experience in management, restructuring, transformations and privatization of enterprises. He participated in several transactions on the capital market in which he represented the State Treasury Minister, local government bodies, private equity funds and State Treasury companies, including the National Capital Fund. He has been appointed a number of times to supervisory authorities of commercial companies. He says that his greatest hobby is spending time with his family, preferably at home.